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  1. Lien Nguyen says:

    Hi Aaron
    Thank you for your pictures. When my mom looked at them old memories came rushing back to her. One photo reminded her of the time when she was the same age as the three girls on the street. However, she was a refugee since 1982 in Pulau Bidong, Malaysia. This is some of her writing in this book.


    Pulau Bidong State of Mind

    My arrival at Pulau Bidong was both an unbelievable wish and a dream come true. Countless people had and continually attempted the journey across the ocean but many were lost at sea, their fates unknown and never to be heard from again. I cannot express the wide range of intense emotions and indescribable feelings I experienced as I embarked on this perilous journey from the land of my birth in search of a safe haven and a new place to call home. It was the end of one journey and chapter of my life and the beginning of a new one. Sometimes I look out across the sea and I hear the sound of never-ending whispering waves. These constantly whispering waves mirror each breath we take and the beating of our hearts. If the rolling ocean waves were not constantly in motion they should be as peaceful as the surface of a river.

    In the clear blue sky silvery clouds drifted above us creating a beautiful scene. During my time on the boat the state of unending fear and panic I experienced had rendered me unable to dream as I reflected on my uncertain future. Perhaps at the time my mind was so focused on my very possible death in any number of dreadful ways such as drowning in the ocean’s depths, that I did not take notice of my surroundings.

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